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बायोफ्लॉक में झिंगा और मछली पालन

ट्रेनिंग प्रोग्राम (in Hindi)
कमसे कम जगह में, कम से कम खर्चे में, बायोफ्लॉक का इस्तेमाल करके इको-फार्मिंग करने की आसान तकनीक
Pravin Mhatre

Biofloc Expert

Being an innovative and amenable fish farmer, trainer, consultant and yes, a school teacher Mr. Pravin Mhatre is continuously experimenting modern and sustainable techniques of fish, seabass, shrimp and crab farming through Mhatre Fish World. He is not only a farmer but also is a visionary who dreams of maximum people choose farming as their career. He is developing and nurturing a society full of local entrepreneurs and businessmen developing their own eco industries to deal with challenges like pollution, migration and unemployment. He is relentlessly working towards the betterment of the society.



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Behinde suruchi hotel, pimpalbhat,

alibag, Maharashtra 402201

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I had taken training.satisfied .This is only 1st and first setup in maharashtra as per best of my knowledge.Thos who are interested in biofloc,must visit this place.

By Deepak Kadam

The course is great. It covers all the topics related to shrimp farming. The chapters of home made feed and probiotic is impressive. Mr Mahatre has long experience in this farming but his Masters in Chemistry teaching helps him to explain the chemistry involved in this process like a breeze. If you are very much interested in shrimp and fish farming then this course is a must.


Good place and the people are also very helpful and ready to share their knowledge

By Sushil Vaity


MIDC Rd Chari, Poynad, Tal. Alibag, 

Raigad, Maharashtra

India 402108


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